About Us



In 1968, Easter Island was a remote place, an enigma, a territory lost in the sea, inhabited by a unknow people , with families that opened their arms, and their hearts, forming numerous clans, humble and plagued with brotherhood, affection and a lot of love.

With that they found the first passengers arrived, that same year, to Rapanui, on the first commercial flight that landed in Mataveri and were welcomed by four families, one of them is the base nucleus of those who today lead the hotel Hare Noi.

From the moment that the house had to be prepared to receive visitors this dream began, which seeks to revive the first sensations of those passengers who participated as one of the family, with shared experiences, stories told and to tell, and that at our young age -eight years- marked a change and a look at life, which is summarized in facilitating and opening the home -hare in the rapa Nui language- to those who visit us. For this reason, the suites of our hotel resemble the houses of the Rapanui of 1968.

We designed a space not only for the comfort of our guests, but also to live and feel their surroundings, integrating, through those experiences, the Rapanui of today. We want our visitors to feel their room not as a piece of hotel, but as if it were their hare; that each moment, that each space considers it as its own. For that reason, in each room we have placed a specific stone of the place that transmits good energies, as lived and felt by our ancestors.

In addition, following that same line, the tourist guide system of Hare Boutik, is inserted in that way. They, along with taking our visitors to visit places with a unique cultural wealth in the world, also transmit, in first person, our history, our experiences passed down from generation to generation.

Our hotel is open to those who visit us just as our ancestors did more than 50 years ago. Welcome home, welcome to Hare Noi Rapa Nui.



  • Privileged location
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Personal attention
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Wifi Free
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Custom tours
  • Quality bar and restaurant
  • Common places with garden
  • Sauna, Spa and Stone Pool
Personal Staff