Hotel Hare Noi is recognized as one of the 5 best hotels in Easter Island

The prestigious travel site, recognized the quality and great attention of Hotel Hare Noi Rapa Nui.

The prestigious international travel website Bookmundi, named Hotel Hare Noi Rapa Nui as one of the 5 best hotels in Easter Island, after an analysis of the entire hotel market in the area.

The publication states that “if you want to enjoy luxury and privacy in your stay in Easter Island, your best option is Hotel Hare Noi.” On the web it is added that “everything is in a place like the pool, the spa and the gardens are the perfect way to end an exciting day knowing the attractions of Easter Island”.

Noteworthy is the restaurant of the Hotel, which the publication describes as “Definitely one of its great attributes”, highlighting that a large part of its organic products are grown in the same gardens of the hotel, which are “take advantage of magnificently by the Hotel chef who prepared really delicious typical food. ”

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