Spa, Solarium & Pool

Our volcanic stone spa invites you to relax in the hands of our experienced masseurs. The massage works on the pain of the muscles and stimulates a feeling of general relaxation and exerts on the body a relief that facilitates the flow of vital energy.

We also have a natural solarium in an outdoor room and surrounded by volcanic stones that give a unique atmosphere.

And then, to cool off, what better than to enjoy our unique pool, built with stones from the island and that resembles the pools that the Rapanui once used. Total Relax !.


Improve your mood and physical condition

  • Improves and activates blood circulation

  • Increases toning and firmness of the skin

  • Relieves back pain, shoulder pain and other joint pains

  • Produces deep relaxation

  • Harmonizes the body

  • Increase energy and the feeling of vitality

  • Eliminates toxins from the skin